Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Valentine Wreath

Hi Everyone, how are you all doing? I'm much better today, not in a bah humbug mood anymore! I'm at home with access to my computer and photos so all is good in my world! LOL!! oh and I did receive that package from Stampin Up! so as soon as I am finished here, I'm off to make more goodies!

So today I'm gonna quickly share my Valentine wreath with you. I cut all the hearts with my Cricut (George cartidge) and used lots of different patterned Valentine paper. It took me awhile to get this done as it was a bit harder to stick the first few hearts onto the wreath than I thought, but once I managed that it was just a matter of layering!

So what do you think, kinda cute eh?
I'll be back with some more fun stuff to share! And by the way, am I not being so good so far this year? I'm actually blogging and updating on a regular basis, that's pretty big for me!

Thanks again for visiting, and you're welcome to leave any comments, I love reading them!

Take care,

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