Saturday, May 2, 2009

Custom order of Mini Thank You cards

Well it's been pretty busy around here this weekend! I've been running around for days, and there doesn't seem to be an end in site .... till about JUNE!! LOL!!!

Anyway, in my SPARE time (ha!) this weekend, I was working on these little mini Thank You cards for a wonderful friend - Emily. She's been working on rasing funds for Erase MS and got together with another etsy seller, bovinebubbles, to package up some wonderful handmade creams, lotions and soaps. She saw some of my little mini Thank You cards and decided to order some for the package! I was so thrilled, and honoured. I missed out on the fundraising this time around, but asked if I could participate on the next one. Emily said she was gonna try again in December, so I'm gonna try and make up a batch of cards for her to sell to raise funds. I should probably get working on them now, what with how long it takes me to get cards done around here!

Here's a couple pictures of the cards I made for her. If you are ever interested in a custom order for any occassion, please contact me. I love working on custom orders!
Take care,


rowinstonie said...

I love the design! it's beautiful. how much are typical custom mini card orders ($$/card)?

Handmade by Melissa said...

Hi there, thank you for the inquiry! Sorry I took so long to get back to you!
Depending on the quantity and style, I usually charge about $0.50 each, give or take. Shipping would be extra.

If you are interested in a design, or something customized, give me a shout!

Thanks again,