Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mini Paper bag Wedding Photo Album in Pink and Black

Hello there! Yes, I know, it's been awhile........again!
Things were a little crazy here for awhile. School finishing, teacher appreciation cards & gifts, dance recitals, get the idea. Of course, as usual I forgot to take photos of everything, so I can't share them with you.
However, I do have this one to share! I just added a new item to my etsy shop, and I'm thrilled, because it's been ages since I was able to list a new item!
This is a handmade paper bag photo album, with a wedding theme. I came across these gorgeous pink and black patterned papers and fell in love with them. The album is approx 5x5 inches and the last page has a little pocket for you to put extra photos, name tags, anything you like.
If you pop over to my etsy shop (link on the right!) you can view a couple more photos.
Well gotta run, getting ready for company tomorrow. Guess that means no crafting for me for a few days.........again!
Take care,

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