Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm so Excited!!

A great friend I met on the message boards in Etsy helped me to put my little Etsy shop link up here on my blog!!! Thanks so much Nancy, it worked!!!!

I also was able to peek on Gillians blog and get the LIVE FEED application from now I can see where you are all visiting from!

I'm so happy! I'm on my way to blogging.......hopefully!

Oh and DD won her second game too! Yeah! They were supposed to play the championship game today, but got rained!!! So we have the playoff game tomorrow........let's hope for no rain and a dry playing field!

Take care,


UxCritter said...

I feel the excitement in your post here today! It is so super when others help out like this and make everything come together so well and so beautifully.

Glad you are enjoying blogging and I think you're doing a great job of it!!!

Carol said...

Your blog looks Great! I can't wait to keep reading.

Nancy Wallis said...

Your blog looks great Melissa. Good luck to your daughter in her baseball game tonight. Happy blogging.