Thursday, April 10, 2008's been a few days!

Good morning, just realized it had been a few days since I blogged! It's been a bit crazy here, and it's going to get even more crazy! Went away for a weekend for my birthday, that's always fun, now it's catch up time.

I volunteered in Jan to make invitations for the school for my daughters graduation. Now in April when I'm swamped I realized it's for 100 invites and RSVP's and they finally picked the colours, now I have to get them done in about 4 weeks!!!!!

If you come on by to my etsy store I've posted several new cards, including more for mother's day.

Here's a picture of a card that's also on etsy. I think it's really cute, and the black and white make it quite bold.

Well I'm off, got to run and watch Hannah Montana with the little one before she's off to school!

Take care,