Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Busy Times

Well things are getting busy here, lots going on with the kids! Having a party for my daughter's confirmation and just finished making the invites! Now to get them mailed out to everyone, then start working on the decorations, thank you's......etc. But I have to say...I LOVE IT!!!! at least it keeps me crafting!

I'm posting a picture of the invites, and I'm working on a thank you/momento thingy. Once I get those done, I'll post again. I'm very excited about the momentos, a new friend I met on etsy is helping me out, can't wait.

Visit my shop if you have a free minute

Take care everyone!

1 comment:

Uli said...

That friend would be me........ (wink, wink.....) - I think....

Love the invites and the expecting card!!!